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Live Support Hours: Mon-Fri 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.. Self-Service Automated Phone Support 24×7. Greenwich: 203.869.6900. General Information Greater Hartford: 860.727.



What happened to CNG gas?

CNG Energy Limited and CNG Electricity Limited (hereafter ‘CNG Energy’) have today announced they are ceasing to trade. CNG Energy supplies around 41,000 non-domestic customers. Under Ofgem’s safety net, customers’ energy supply will continue.

Is CNG a natural gas?

CNG is produced by compressing natural gas to less than 1% of its volume at standard atmospheric pressure. To provide adequate driving range, CNG is stored onboard a vehicle in a compressed gaseous state at a pressure of up to 3,600 pounds per square inch. CNG is used in light-, medium-, and heavy-duty applications.

What cars use CNG fuel?

Factory-fitted CNG vehicles: These are cars specifically designed and manufactured to run on natural gas from the production line. Leading automakers such as Honda, Ford, and General Motors produce factory-fitted CNG models like the Honda Civic NG, Ford Transit Connect, and Chevrolet Impala.

What is CNG gas used for?

CNG is used as a fuel in vehicles. CNG is used in houses for cooking. CNG is used for power generation.

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Contact Us Phone Numbers Hearing Impaired: Dial 711 Emergency : Toll Free: 866.924.5325 Greater Hartford: 860.246.5325 Greenwich: 203.869.6913 Customer Care Greater Hartford: 860.524.8361 Live Support Hours: Mon-Fri 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. Self-Service

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