Consumer Edge has created regular tracking surveys to keep clients on top of key trends in the US and the most important emerging markets. All Consumer Edge Trackers are conducted among large representative samples in each country.

Geographic Market Intelligence Trackers use an extensive battery of economic and attitudinal questions to track macro trends and understand how they drive purchase behaviors for a broad range of consumer product categories and services.

Industry Trackers are designed to provide an in-depth view of recent customer purchase behaviors across all channels and key insights into the drivers of those behaviors.

Thematic Trackers provide clients with an in-depth assessment of a key trend impacting consumers, assess the drivers and sustainability of the trend, and identify which companies are best-positioned to succeed.

Custom Studies

Key Challenges and Questions for Companies

Understand Key Consumer TrendsHow is my business being impacted by secular and cyclical trends?How are consumer needs, preferences and behaviors changing?Which competitors are succeeding with consumers and why?
Maximize Growth of Current BusinessWhat can be done to increase market penetration or consumption frequency of our products?What innovation is needed to deliver incremental sales?Which segments of consumers are most attractive to target?
Identify New Business or Markets to Enter, and HowWhich categories and businesses are most attractive to enter?What should our market entry strategy be?What acquisition targets should we consider?

Examples of Custom Projects for Companies

Understand Key Consumer TrendsCustom tracking surveys to monitor trends and company performanceIdentifying new emerging consumer trends
Maximize Growth of Current BusinessGrowth opportunity identificationPortfolio strategy: where to play, how to winForecasting brand/category outlookNew product/service concept assessmentMarket sizingOptimal channel/retailer strategies
Identify New Business or Markets to Enter, and HowNew market entry strategiesAcquisition screening/target identification
 Strategies to Maximize Shareholder Value