CEI has created a syndicated study to track factors affecting restaurant demand and performance of major brands. This Restaurant DemandTracker tells managers how key factors affect their business and what they can do to respond.

Key Factors Affecting Restaurant Demand

Cyclical FactorsHigh unemploymentLow job securityWeak income growthRising prices of gas, foodEtc
Secular FactorsHealth trendsNeed for convenienceDecline in dual-job householdsChanging demographic profileEtc.

Key Questions for Restaurants

  • How long is each of these macro factors likely to last?
  • What changes to behavior is the macro factor causing?
  • How well-positioned is our brand relative to competitors?
  • What can I do to drive sales growth given the current environment?

Consumer Edge Insight’s Restaurant DemandTracker

Research PlanQuarterly survey of 3,000 consumers who are representative of the US adult population in terms of age, gender, income, region, and ethnicityIn-depth questionnaire to understand restaurant behaviors, purchase drivers, and brand perceptions
Segments CoveredQuick-service (including top 20 brands)Casual-dining (including top 40 brands)Fast-casual (including top 15 brands)Fine-dining (including top 8-10 brands)
DeliverablesFull report and conference call each quarter of the results for the restaurant industry and overall conclusions for each segmentIn-depth report every six months on each restaurant segment to get brand-level conclusions