As a manager, you need to make well informed decisions—and time is of the essence. Consumer Edge Insight’s Trackers can help you stay on top of key trends in the US and important emerging markets.

Our geographic Market Intelligence Trackers cover a broad range of consumer products and services, with an extensive battery of economic and attitudinal questions to link macro trends with industry and company-level behaviors.

Our Industry Trackers are designed to provide an in-depth view of recent customer purchase behaviors across all channels and insights into the drivers of those behaviors. We conduct research with large representative samples to answer questions like:

  • What economic and secular headwinds and trends are effecting consumers?
  • How is this category being effected?
  • What must a company do to stay ahead?
  • What impact do market changes have on the competitive landscape?
  • What shifts in channel behavior are taking place?

Thematic trackers, such as our new Store Brands Tracker, identify which categories are most at risk and which retailers are best positioned, within a more focused scope.

All this means better insights into drivers of change, faster decision-making, and more effective responses to changing market conditions.