Private Equity Firms

Consumer Edge Insight helps private equity firms identify attractive investment targets, assess company’s growth prospects, and improve portfolio company performance.

Target Identification

  • Proprietary studies to assess key macro and secular trends impacting consumer product and service businesses
  • Deep knowledge of emerging trends and upcoming companies
  • Potential synergistic value to larger players through knowledge of M&A approach/ portfolio focus on larger companies

Due Diligence

  • Customized primary research among consumers and intermediaries to identify key opportunities and risks
  • Company / brand growth potential assessment
  • Market sizing
  • Industry attractiveness
  • Competitor assessment
  • Pressure-test business plans / exit strategies
  • Valuation / fair value assessment
  • Synergy estimates

Example: Retailer Due Diligence

Portfolio Company Optimization

  • Growth strategy development
  • Brand health assessment
  • Consumer segmentation / target strategy development
  • New product development
  • Proprietary tracking studies to stay on top of trends and track company progress