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Market Intelligence Trackers provide real-time view of how macro factors impact consumer spending

  Willingness to Spend   Ability to Spend   Priorities for Spending
  • Job security
  • Expected growth in household income
  • Confidence in economy (current and future)
  • Importance of saving
  • Expectations for gas and food prices, home values, stock market
  • Household income
  • Income growth
  • Prices of gas / food / apparel / housing
  • Price of health care
  • Home value / mortgage status
  • Availability of credit
  • Outstanding credit card balances
  • Economizing trade-off behaviors (e.g., trading down to cheaper brands, using coupons, or delaying purchases of big-ticket items)
  • Product preferences driven by secular trends (e.g., health and wellness, sustainability, etc.)
  Consumption / Patronage
  • Key products and services used in past month
    • Products include food, beverage, household, personal care, clothing, electronics, appliances, home furnishings, luxury goods
    • Services include restaurants, travel, personal services
  • Retailer patronage in past month
    • Segments include discounters, department stores, Internet, electronics, home improvement, auto parts

The Value of Market Intelligence Trackers

Market Intelligence Trackers help managers respond more effectively to changing markets.

Consumer What economic and secular trends are having broad impact on consumers?

Changes tracked monthly

Customized dashboards

C-Level insights

Category How is our category being affected?
Company What is the impact on our company?
Competitors How are our competitors being affected?
Channel What shifts in channel behavior are taking place?
Real-time market intelligence > Better insights into drivers of change > Better forecasts > More effective responses to conditions