Institutional Investors

Institutional Investors

Consumer Edge Insight helps investors monitor consumer trends, track company performance, and develop proprietary insights into company outlooks.

Custom Studies

Custom Projects Can Answer Key Questions for Investors

Understand Key Consumer Trends
  • When (if ever) will overall consumer spending recover?
  • Which categories are most likely to see a rebound in spending?
  • What secular trends are impacting sales growth for each category and how are they evolving?
Identify Which Companies Are Most Likely to Win or Lose
  • Which companies have the most attractive category / brand / geographic portfolio?
  • What factors are driving category growth and market share trends and how sustainable are they?
  • Which companies have sustainable competitive advantages with their customers?
  • How likely is a company's growth strategy to be successful?
  • How successful is a company's new product likely to be and which existing companies/brands are most likely to lose share?
Assess Impact of Events
  • To what degree will company sales be disrupted or helped by events such as product recalls or safety scares, government incentives, new regulations, mergers, new technologies, etc?

Example: Dollar Stores

Example: Starbucks